Recruitment – PXT Select

Rachel Moore Consulting can assist you to hire the right people, through the use of the PXT Select Assessment Tool and Reports.

PXT Select™ is a powerful selection assessment that helps fill the gap between resume and interview. It provides organisations with actionable data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can help you to interview better and hire smarter.

PXT measures cognitive ability, behaviour traits and interests as they relate to preferred traits for a given job. Utilising a pre-hire assessment helps to place the right people in the right positions. The PXT Select™ assessment is based on over 20 years of research and rigorous validation, prioritising quality with scientific data.

Cognitive Ability – The ability of an individual to perform the various mental activities most closely associated with learning and problem solving.

Behavioural Traits – Habitual patterns of behaviour, thought and emotion. They provide a foundation for predicting behaviour.

Interests – Rates the three most relevant interests as they relate to the Performance Model for the job role.

The Assessment

PXT Select™ is a multiple-choice, online assessment that measures the candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviour traits and interests. To take the assessment, candidates receive an email invitation with a link that directs them to the online Assessment Centre.

Performance Model Positions

PXT Select™ has a library of hundreds of jobs that can be used to assess the job applicant. This library can also be tailored to suit individual job requirements or mapped to top performing staff which can then be added to your own personal library of positions.

Adaptive Testing

In order to maximise the assessment’s precision with the fewest number of questions, the PXT Select™ assessment uses adaptive testing. This means the system successively selects questions based on what it knows about the candidate from his or her previous responses. From the candidate’s perspective, the difficulty of the exam tailors itself to his or her level of ability. No two candidates will have the exact same assessment experience.

Interview Questions

PXT Select™ provides Interview Questions that are tailored to the candidate based on the individual’s assessment results and the chosen job description for the position, to make the interviewing process more effective. The Interview Questions have been reviewed and tested to help you get the best possible candidate.

You can have confidence in PXT Select™ knowing it has already been used in more than 42,000 organisations in over 93 countries. To date, there have been more than 4 Million assessments taken.

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