Profiling Tools

Profiling Tools provide a wealth of benefits for both Individuals and

Organisations. Insights can be gained into personality types, thinking and communication preferences, workplace behaviours and leadership capability.


Through either self-assessment or 360 feedback options, Individuals can either create a launch pad for a self-directed development pathway or receive feedback on their current performance levels, thus allowing the creation of an individual development plan based on specific competencies.


Teams are a melting pot of differing personalities, thinking and communication preferences and styles of working. Undertaking profiling as a team creates the opportunity to understand and appreciate the team members’ individual preferences and develop strategies to work more effectively with each other.  Teams are equipped with a common language and terms of reference which makes it easier to discuss subjects that may otherwise be challenging.


An extensive amount of research has shown that when employees are provided development opportunities that enhance their understanding of personality types, thinking and communication preferences and developing emotionally intelligent behaviours, this positively impacts organisational financial performance. The benefits can be seen in sales conversions, retention and turnover rates and increases in market share.

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