10 Behaviours Coaching Program

10 Behaviours is a unique one on one coaching development program that provides a sustainable toolbox for the ongoing development of your personal and professional capability.

Success in our career and personal life isn’t just a result of luck and hard work. It is about knowing how to define what is important to you and how to truly achieve it. Drawing on over three decades of research, this program provides an effective framework based on ‘10 Behaviours’ which are deliberate behaviours of successful people. 10 Behaviours Coaching will allow you to identify your strengths and show you where to direct your efforts and provides the tools to make it happen.

A snapshot of the program is below:

Session 2: What Matters Most
Success is not all down to hard work, determination and a never give up attitude. Learn valuable skills to help you successfully manage the demands of day-to-day life.

Session 3: Getting Stuff Done
Learn how to think differently about time and get vastly improved results resulting in less stress and better life-work balance.

Session 4: Success is a Choice
Discover the critical choices you can make to determine your success, such as, what to focus on, effective relationships, how to use information, and what to think.

Program registration includes:

  • The bestselling book, The Art of Deliberate Success: The 10 Behaviours of Successful People.
  • A workbook for recording thinking, learning points, and future actions.
  • An activation code for the 10 Behaviours App which has powerful tools and resources including a complete audio version of the book.
  • An invitation to be part of our quarterly Success Studio, which is a one-hour Zoom session, held on the first Friday of every quarter, where 10 Behaviours graduates get together to discuss relevant topics. These sessions are led by Dr David Keane.

To register for this one-on-one coaching program, contact Rachel via rachel@rachelmconsulting.com.au