10 Behaviours – DELIBERATE Success Coaching Program

10 Behaviours – DELIBERATE Success is a unique one on one development program that provides a sustainable toolbox for the ongoing development of your personal and professional capability.

Based on the best-selling business book, The Art of Deliberate Success: The 10 Behaviours of Successful People, this series of three 1 hour seminars, held over an 8 week time frame, provides tangible results. This research-based interactive virtual one on one coaching series is live-streamed over Zoom with pre-work undertaken by the participant before each session. Participants will come away with specific ideas for action and a new mindset for looking at all aspects of their life.

Session 1: What Matters Most
Success is not all down to hard work, determination and a never give up attitude. Learn valuable skills to help you successfully manage the demands of day to day life.

Session 2: Getting Stuff Done
Learn how to think differently about time and get vastly improved results resulting in less stress and better life-work balance.

Session 3: Success is a Choice
Discover the critical choices you can make to determine your success, such as, what to focus on, effective relationships, how to use information, and what to think.

Program registration includes an activation code for accessing the 10 Behaviours App which hosts a vast range of tools and resources (note: This app is only available to participants of the 10 Behaviours programs and is not available for purchase outside of these events). Resources within the app include a full audio version of the best selling book by Dr David Keane, a downloadable notebook for use during the seminar, a range of useful templates, links to movies and TED Talks, plus an extensive list of reading recommendations. The 10 Behaviours app is permanent and live, and continually updated with new resources and recommendations.

To register for this one on one coaching program, contact Rachel via rachel@rachelmconsulting.com.au