Success with less stress - Photo of Rachel MooreSuccess with Less Stress was born out of specialist consulting practice, Rachel Moore Consulting. We work with organisations who wish to leverage the talents and capabilities of their people through bespoke programs tailored to their individual, team or organisational needs.

Success with Less Stress was created from a genuine desire to help individuals, teams and organisations to achieve high performance and productivity through enhanced professional relationship management capability, organisational resilience and individual self-management skills. Whether it be a bespoke training program for your organisation or team, or individual coaching or mentoring for select individuals, we can tailor a solution for you.

Rachel has been chosen as a top Emotional Intelligence Coach by the coachfoundation.com


Rachel Moore is the founder of Success with Less Stress. Rachel is a professional, engaging and highly skilled trainer, facilitator and coach with over 20 years’ experience across a range of industries. Rachel is an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, a Wellness Wise Practitioner and a Graduate of the Neuroscience Academy Brain Health Program.

Rachel works with individuals and teams to develop their communication, self-management and relationship management skills and to improve their professional performance and career success.

Rachel can enhance individual and team effectiveness, coach managers to lead with emotional intelligence and assist organisations to achieve their employee capability goals.

Rachel has been chosen as a top Emotional Intelligence Coach by the coachfoundation.com

Our Programs

Our Success with Less Stress programs are all individually tailored to the specific needs of your organisation or the individuals within it.  Our programs include the following:

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is the leading variable when it comes to both individual and team performance, the key ingredient for creating inclusive environments and the foundation for high-performing and innovative teams. Creating a culture of psychological safety requires a shared understanding of what psychological safety is, what it isn’t, what it does, and how it works.

TeamWork – DiSC Thinking and Communication Preferences

DiSC is a leading profiling tool that enables people to improve work productivity, increase teamwork and enhance communication. Individuals and teams are able to improve working relationships through understanding the communication preferences of themselves and others along with developing strategies to engage with those of differing preferences.

10 Behaviours Coaching Program

Success in our career and personal life isn’t just a result of luck and hard work. It is about knowing how to define what is important to you and how to truly achieve it. Drawing on over three decades of research, this program provides an effective framework based on ‘10 Behaviours’ which are deliberate behaviours of successful people. 10 Behaviours Coaching will allow you to identify your strengths and show you where to direct your efforts and provides the tools to make it happen.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is well-recognised as a critical area of expertise for both career success and effective working relationships. Competencies of Emotional Intelligent behaviour include; Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others, Managing Self and Influencing Others. With access to emotional intelligence profiling tools, we can work with you to select the resources that best suit your emotional intelligence goals.


50-plus Books!

WHAT? This year I have set myself an aspiration to read 50 plus books. When I say 50 plus books, this is my intention: To read at least 50 physical non-fiction books on a range of topics. The ‘plus’ is: Plus listen to a non-determined number of non-fiction and fiction audiobooks Plus read a non-determined …

Working with Neurodiversity

Usually in my workshops, when participants discuss diversity, they tend to think of characteristics such as race, age, gender and sexual orientation. However, there is also diversity in how the way people’s brains work, and this is called neurodiversity. “Neurodiversity” is used to explain the unique ways different people’s brains work. While everyone’s brain develops …


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